Monday, May 13, 2013

taman rama-rama

finally the semester is over! just finished my last examination paper last friday woohoo! 
so i guess now i have no other excuse to not blog haha.( i will try my best to update more)

last week before my paper starts i took my sister, her daughter and my brother to taman rama-rama. i know its kinda weird that a 22 year old like me wanna go to places like that but i've been wanting to for a long time now just havent found the right time till then.
for some reason i feel like visiting ever single tourist attraction there is in Malacca. i've lived here for as long as i could remember, i feel like if i dont go to these places its like im not appreciating it. to be honest sometimes those places took me by surprise when i went there. like i've been to zoo Malacca and taman buaya before this and before going in i thought it might suck balls but turns out it like the best experience ever. the only place i havent been to are taman rama-rama and the bee farm. 
got there, it was hot as hell(as usual). at first i was a bit hesitant and kinda wanna change my mind cuz it was too hot outside and i dont wanna be walking around and stuff in this weather, but once i got inside the place is actually shady so it was perfect. the second i got into taman rama-rama i felt like i was a kid in a candy store. i want to look at everything and amazed by everything.
they have all sort of animals besides the butterflies.
the butterflies was actually kept in an area where they can fly freely and stuff, and when i was in that area i felt like i was in heaven! i had never seen so many butterflies in my whole life and all of the was beautiful.
and the landscape was breath taking.
here are some of the picture i took while i was there.
a gif i made of the butterfly i saw there. it was so pretty!

i will be sure to come back again, cuz at the time my sister had to go home early for some reason. i felt like i hadnt had enough time there.
but overall i had a great time though! 

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