Tuesday, March 12, 2013

product review: waffle mold (Daiso)

i shop a lot at daiso these days, probably cuz of two things
  1. the items are awesome and cheap
  2. they always have stuff that is hard to find in other stores in malaysia
so last time i went i was actually looking for a new sifter and a cake mold.
then while i was browsing through some stuff i found this microwave waffle mold. immediately i fell in love with it and decided to buy it, i also found a waffle dog mold, but i wasnt confidant enough to buy them both cuz i dont know how it would turn out so i decided to buy the microwave waffle mold to try it out. 
 to be honest its not crispy like the ones you would usually have it at the local stores but the waffle came out kinda like a sponge cake or a very smooth pancake.
i used chocolate peanut butter, banana and maple syrup as toppings. it taste okay for a first try.
then i went on google to find if other people are using it and i found one blog, she gave out a recipe on how to make red velvet waffle using the same product and im sure gonna give it a try. it is really2 fun!


  1. Oh im looking for this! Which branch did u buy it?

    1. i think you can find this at any daiso outlet