Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Boat ride with my dad

This is a late post act. Went on a boat ride with my dad a few days ago. my dad bought a small boat last year when he bought the land that later on became our family chalet. Every weekend when he go there he will take his fishing rod and disapear into the horizon with his boat and when he got back on land he always looks so happy. He always whines about how he hates his job of working 9~5 in the corporate world but when his here he just looks so happy. O guess sitting by the beach all day is heaven for him. I always wanted to join him but never got a chance to, until a few days ago. He just came to shore and I literally forced him to take me with my niece with him next time. But I did have to force him much he he looks like he was glad that I asked him to take me on a boat ride with him cuz he seems so eager to. It was litely raining at the time, but he said if I want to he will take me despite the rain. So off we go. The second I set foot in the boat I was so excited that I wanted to scream out loud. Then the boat slowly moves and my dad turned on the motor.we just went around the property and then stop for a while and just sat there. The view from the boat is something that I will never forget. Its like this sudden realization that I am away from land and in a world that I had never been before its quiet and peaceful. Just this wide space of water and the wide bright sky. Now I get why my dad love to go fishing on his boat. Its like heaven out there. for some reason while I was on the boat I just have this urge to just dip my fully cloths body into the deep sea. I figured its gotta be awesome but my dad wont let me. He was worried that I might hurt or drown. But never the less I love the whole experiance. I hope we could do it again soon. Sometimes the best things in life is just simple and free:)

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