Tuesday, February 19, 2013

valentines day date!

i've lived around melaka for almost my whole life, and i dont i had ever been to taman buaya before.
so last week decided to take my brother and my niece with me to taman buaya!( i just had a feeling that i had to go there haha if not i should be ashamed at myself, for being a mallacan but have never been there=.=)
to be honest i dont even remember that it was valentines day that day, cuz if im not mistaken it was still gong xi fa cai so i didnt even noticed cuz its totally over shadowed valentines day in melaka. so i guess my brother and my niece was my date haha.

got there, had lunch first at MCD thats next door to the place, and then bought the tickets.
it was RM10 for adult and RM6 for children. i bought 2 children and 1 adult even though my brother is 15 haha
when you go in the first thing you will see is their miniature malaysia park its kinda awesome cuz they look almost like the real ones!

there were tons of crocodiles there obviously and some of them i dont even know they exist! 

other than thatthey also have other animals, like birds, snakes, duck and ext.

then as i wasnearing the exit, i saw a haunted house and a dinosaur train. i wante to try the haunted house but my niece was too scared i couldnt convinced her to go in there with us so i decied to try the dinosaur train.

i admit i was disappointed. i thought i was a little too expensive for what it ha to offer. but who am i kidding, its not its disneyland right. so i guess this is as good as it gets.

after the zoo at about 4 o'clock i took them to aeon melaka cuz i wanna catch that new movie everyone has been talking about, HKLBR2 husin, mon an jin pakai toncit.
to be honest im not a big fan of our local films but for this i made an exception. cuz i think mamat khali is a comedy genius. cuz most of the local comedy movies i've seen is always the same kinda jokes, skeptical and too much slapsticks but in his, he uses comedy that people would find in almost all of our local culture. rather than watching comedians make fools out of themselves just to get some people to laugh, his jokes are the kind of jokes you would wanna laugh with the comedians not "at" them.
so got there, tried to find a parking spot, but the place was so crowded i thought the chances of me finding a needle in a hay stack would be much greater than to find a parking space there.
again, i forgot that it was the holidays of course places like this would be full.
after circling the mall twice i finally found a parking spot.
went straight to the the third floor, and i crossed my fingers hoping that no one would wanna watch a movie too so there wont be a line. but my wish wasnt granted, there were so many people lining up for the movies that the line started from where i took this picture:

i waited almost 30minutes then i had enough and i left my line cuz i dint think it was worth it.
so i went to Daiso.
my niece bought this bingo game.i bought the bow tie.(im obsessed with bow ties now!)

i guess we were in there so long that when we got out of the store the line finally cleared up and i finally bought the ticket for that movie.
and while waiting for the movie showtime, we went to the arcade.
first thing we did was photobooth-ing!! ahha.
i love this Japanese photobooth.
they are so cute. 

i also played tons of games that i guess i almost spend RM20 there ahah.
and the game i was obsessed with the most is the drum machine.
i played it almost 10 times that nobody else got to play with it haha

then we went to get some snack and my all time fave snack to chow down on when im at aeon is tako tao!
i remember the first time i ate tako tao.
it was at my campus, some Chinese student opened a booth selling it.
i didnt know what it was, and at first i thought it was so smelly but look really2 appetizing.
so i tried it and they were awesome and when im done i thought i wanna buy more but the store was closed and i didnt find them till they sell it at aeon!
and now i can have them anytime i want!

it was the best valentines day ever! most people spend it with their boyfriends and girlfriends but i think this was special cuz i spend it with people i really2 love and we had a great time!
i think i will keep this as a tradition, and have my family as my valentine every year from now on!