Friday, February 22, 2013

Set for the season!

This semester is over. I cant wait to start the new one in march.
Im the kind of person who takes her style and personality seriously. Most student would be okay going to class wearing just shirts and jeans. But to me, i like to change it up every semester. I dont want to look the same every year. And i like to wear to class as what i would when i go out. Cuz what i wear represents who i am.  I just wanna be who i am regardless of what people would think and just be myself even when i go to class.
So lately i've been getting tired of wearing cloths that i had for last semester, so wemt shopping to prepare myself for the new semester. Like how school kids buys their new school uniform for the new year of school haha
Lately i had lost interest in shopping at malls even places like topshops (well excepts h&m though. They have the most badass hats, beanies and shoes that i could never resist). Cuz most outlet store sell stuffs that in right now and everyone could have their hands on them then eveyone will look the same. Well whats the point right?. And even though some of the stuff they sell are cute but none of them seems to impress me and with the kind of price they offer, my guts always tells me that i could find better stuff out their at more than 50% less of the price they offer.
So that is basically what i did. I had became a fan of thrift(bundle) stores for as long as i could remember. But i went crazy over them just lately. Cuz everytime i went to one i will find freaking awesome thinngs that are mostly cheeper than my lunch meal.
I dont know why, but now everytime i go to a thrift shops, my eyes are on weird prints and button ups. (the pictures) thats is the haul of what i had been buying lately and guess what, all of this sums up to less then RM50. 4 of them i got for RM 2.50 a piece! And they all look brand new!
Some people might say that im cheap and lame for buying cloths at thrift shop, but i rather be cheap and stylish than to waste all of my money on rip offs and not like anyone would come up to you and ask what brand of cloths you wear right? Brands had never been an issue to me as long as something looks nice i will buy it. 
Argh cant wait to wear them all!


  1. buruknya taste you

  2. Replies
    1. Why should i be? People have their own opinions.

  3. I think you should buy more. Love the colour and the way you think! :)

    1. Ya im thinking of buying more too. But havent found any good stuff lately. But if I do I will post about it
      Tanx for reading my blog:)

  4. I think it's alright to shop at thrift shop ;) Don't judge if you havent tried it. I wanted to go for thrifting so badly :/ Cause I'm vintage jerk heh ;) Anyway nice clothes u've picked up.Love especially the newest post's bag :D

  5. god..people could be such a douche sometimes..dude, i think your way of dressing up is completely fine and creative.
    -grettings from new york