Wednesday, January 30, 2013


went to rengit johor the other day with my mom and my brother.
she was watching american pickers earlier and immediately thought of rengit and asked me and my brother to get ready. 
next thing i knew i was on the way there.
to those who had never been there, its a small in johor which had a road that has pre-loved store along it. they sell everything you could ever think of.
from shoes, electrical appliances, toys and ect.
this is definitely not a place for high maintenance people.
cuz if u've seem the show american pickers, its kinda like that.
dusty, old, and just plain weird, cuz you will never know what your gonna find.
i even found a pogo stick here once it blew my mind cuz not evern toys r us has it but they sell them here like hot cakes haha 

 my mom bought this for me cuz she said the girl in the picture looks like me and now it is hanging on my bedroom wall.
 i bought myself 4pairs of shoes. all together they only cost me RM35. and they are all in great condition! i am one happy girl 
i love the bottom the these heels. the red will pop when i walk in them!


  1. Never though that you gonna visit there hahaha the place is superb!, If your lucky enough you will found absolutely rare item from Singapore or Thailand~
    Cheers! o(^^o)

    1. ya i know right. thats why i always go there. !!:D