Wednesday, January 30, 2013

feelin inspired

recently i had bought two new members to my music family which are:
a tamborine
a melodica named Boy(the name was given by my fren i just went along with it)
and a harmonica i named Victor 
and for some reason i just feel so inspired.
i cant keep my hands of my guitar or any of my new instruments.
there is so many things i have on my mind right now, songs, lyrics and stuff like that.
i really think that it is time for me to be serious about this.
if i am really into music i should get started now!
cuz im turning 22 right now, if i wait any longer i dont know when i will.
i always whine about how i wish i found my calling in music a lot sooner like most kids on youtube, i mean the got signed at an early age and now they are spreading their music all over the world, and that is what i always wanted to do.
so im hoping that i could get at least one song recorded properly so i could send it to people or something, get it heard by a lot of people and so i got to do what i love most, being a musician and perform in front of people just to share a common love for music. 
i wanna thank my mom for pushing me into this field when i was younger.
she used to put me in local singing competitions and stuff. but back then i always hated to do it, but when i was up on stage i feel like the world is mine. as i grow older my mom stopped forcing me to join in stuff like that, and now i began to realize how much i missed that feeling of owning the stage and for a second some people are paying attention to me(guess i didnt have much of that-growing up LOL).
im determined to chase this dream of mine and i really hope that im good enough and maybe one day i will go across the world cuz of my music.(fingers crossed)

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