Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 i know i havent been posting anything for a long time now. im sorry cuz i've been fucking busy lately and my camera broke so i couldnt take pictures of stuff to update my blog. i dont like to post pictures that i took with my phone cuz i dont like the quality so i had to get my camera fixed and when it was done i was too busy to do anything so i didnt even post a thing.

but today i have something to share with my blog readers(if there are any).
so last monday, my family members all agreed that we all needed a break from our busy life. cuz we never spend much time together as we usually does since we all have our own lives now. it was actually my dad's idea to take us all to pahang for a vacation. cuz since we established our chalet in kuala linggi he knew how hard we all worked to run the place, we didnt even get to celebrate hari raya this year cuz our chalet was fully booked the whole week=.= now since this week the chalet doent have any bookings so we took this opportunity to relax and enjoy some time with just the family!
monday morning everyone gathered at my parents house at 7.00 a.m and drove together at 8 or something.
once i got into the car, i knew that this will be a long ride. im living in melaka, n pahang is like miles away so i prepared myself with a sleeping pillow and my mp3 fully charged! as i stepped in the car, i got my earphones on n sleep like a baby, til my dad stopped somewhere around rompin i think.
he stopped cuz my mom saw a fruit booth and she had been wanting to have some durians.
and here are some of the pics i took:>

then after we were full of sugary sweet durians we went straight to the chalet.

 to be honest when got there i wasnt so impressed. i just thought that it was average, the area was big and the facilities was okay i guess.
 and from the outside the unit didnt look like much but when i went inside i was pretty amazed cuz it was like a high class hotel room for what it cost and each room had an awesome view of the man made lake which was nice
once i got all my luggage settled i changed and took out my guitar and just bust out some tunes cuz the atmophere was just great for that

 then after a couple of hours everyone was starving my brother took us to a place close to the beach at our childhood home(we used to live in pahang when we were little).
it was gorgeous!
the food was awesome!
 after that we split up, girls went shopping and the guys went fishing.
me, my mom, n my two sisters went around the town n we found a bunch of awesome bundle stores n i got so many awesome stuff!
this vintage dress was only RM15
got both of this for RM8
the blue denim jumpsuit was RM10 and the black on was RM15
 while is was looking fot some stuff is some bins that were filled with bags i found this coffin beg n i just suddenly thought of my bff samos! i was like " i know shes gonna like this" and i bought it for her.
 i also found this creepy but cute doll which im also gonna give it to her cuz it reminds me of her drawings she always draws crazy weird and creepy things that i just adore.
also got these shoes and this magician hat for Rm15 for both!
 we actually stayed there til wednesday and on the last day i went swimming with my two favorites nieces!
i didnt go anywhere interesting really just spend quality time with my family and i had a blast and got to create new awesome memories with them that i will cherish forever!
hope we can do this more often!


  1. OMG!! I'm in love with the long sleeves sweater and you have such a cute t-shirt with a castle printed on it! <3

    1. yup thats my fav too. but i cant wear it much, u know our weather right. its not so fit for knits sweaters huhu=.=