Sunday, September 9, 2012

oversize coat

Raid my mom's closet the other day and found this vintage red blazer that was her's when she was younger. it was folded in the piles and piles of clothes that my mom has. i know it sounds lame that i go thought my mom clothes old clothes to wear, but to be honest, i didnt believe that i did that too. she really have awesome stuff n great style back then. but after a few kids and pounds later, she just couldnt wear any of the clothes she used to wear. but she never have the hearts to throw them or give them away, cuz some of them are really rare and branded and they are some part of herself. so lucky for me, since vintage is so in right now, and she was my size back then, everything that was hers is now mine too! ahaha when i went through her stuff, after a few minutes i was close to giving up cuz i only found a few stuff that i like but none of them wear cool enough. most of them needed to be ramped up with studs or something to make it look close to cool, but then just when i was going to close the door, a red cloth caught my eye! i went to it like a fireball, grab it and put it on! it was awesome! i could wear it with anything! since lately i've been seeing lot of people wearing these oversize and bold color coats and blazers so this is so perfect!
even rihana is doing it!:D
the style is also catching on with the guys!
and this is my take on it! wore this when i met my girls last week!
mom thanks for giving ur old clothes to me, didnt know we have much in common especially on style!
love you mom!

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