Sunday, August 12, 2012

indahnya ramadhan convoy 2010

so yesterday i joined SRM MMU ziarah 2012 indahnya ramadhan convoy!
the convoy starts from our campus at MMU melake, made a stop around Taming Sari tu give out free flags for tourist ( cuz we will be celebrating our Merdeka day soon) and some booklet about anti-drugs and stuff, and made our last stop at Payasum orphanage.
the last time i joined the convoy was 2 years back n i wanted to join this year's event cuz i had tons of fun back then n i got to do some good with my life n spread some love, make friends and gain some knowledge n wisdom on things that goes behind the close guard wall and the hardship that most of these kids had gone through. it open up my eyes to how much i have to appreciate my life and i always wanted to help someone in need and if i could get just one kid to smile from me giving them a hand on something they need or just to lend my ears to their story i would be the most happiest girl alive:>
here are some pictures that i took from yesterday;
im not sure if you could see me or not, but im sitting on left side of this picture
how do i look? hehe no i didnt commit to wearing hijab just yet. i wore it cuz the orphanage that we went to had a tight policy on clothing so i had to wear it:>
they all give each car a flag to put it on the hood of our car! and wani, safiq and syaira was helping me out, cuz i am useless on doing something that need to be nit like that ahaha

wani n syaira in front of the a'famosa fort
just random pictures of my friends:>

this is shaly, she is one of the girls that i got close to. shes so cute n sweet to me. miss her already.
i think i will join tem again for next year! i had a blast. cant wait!

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