Sunday, July 15, 2012

queen of the forest!

there is this abandon land next to my parents chalet, that i've been dying to explore, cuz from afar i can see that there is some pieces of a house that was demolished probably like 50years ago, and it looked awesome. so yesterday i finally got to explore it, cuz i brought my old bike( i hadnt use it since i had my car) from my home in kendong to the chalet.. n that place was magical!!

have you seen that movie bridge to tarabithia? i seriously felt like i was in that movie!
i felt like i was in another world, where anything is possible, and the demolish house was like  castle ruins from an ancient times haha! seriously it was heave for a person that have such a big imagination like mine hahah..
(i made the head wreath myself. i will do a diy tutorial on it soon!)


  1. beautiful!!!!!! i very like your new image. suits with you

    1. aww tax so much anon:> n tax for reading my post:D