Monday, July 9, 2012

outfit of the day: dont need much money to look good!

nowadays, shopping is not as easy as it was a few years ago. cuz before i seem to stick with one style and i always wear black, so when i go out shopping i know exactly what i need. i was so comfortable being in my comfort zone that i was afraid to wear cloths that are vibrant and fun. i was such a gloomy kid back then but now since i had turned over a new leaf, i change up my style every single day so that i wont be such a boring ass kid. i wanna be a new person everyday n i start the transition with what i wear. but the problem is, i always have a hard time to find things i like in the local market, cuz my style is influenced by so many things and from so many countries that when i go to a store to buy stuff i get confused cuz sometime i mixed up too much that i dont actually know what i wanna buy in da first place.
so last week i went shopping with my sibs and i found this amazing shirt that totally highlight my personality!
when i saw it, i dint even had to think too long to take it off from the rack and buy it straight away.
n guess what it cost me onlu RM10!!!!!
awesome right?? and the pants that im wearing is actually a tight stretchable kind od a suede pants.. its really comfortable and it was only RM25, and if you notice, i am wearing my diy shoes for this OOTD! my mom bought that for me from a bundle store when she was in Sabah, and it was only RM10 and it is an original doc martens!
to be honest i dont believe that you need designer cloths or expensive things to look good and stylish, cuz i think to look good, you need confidence, creativity, style and swag.
cuz if you got that you can wear a potato sack and make it look couture! ahha
cuz sometimes you cant even tell a person is wearing expensive stuff anyways.
so just be creative and have fun with style and fashion!
so here is my outfit of the day pictures:D

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