Monday, July 9, 2012

havin some fun under da sun!!bab

it was a busy week last week. my family chalet was fully booked so i had to go down there to help my family out with what ever they need me to.
so after all the customer went home and all of the chores are done i just lay around, play with my niece and nephews and play my guitar.
i really like it out here, its so calming, and relaxing!
i feel like i wanna stay here forever!!!!
here are some photos that i took that day!!
baby blue is chillin out!

this is da life!! peace ya'll!!!


imma herbivore!

my brotha got a sexy tan that i cant resist to look at hahah

a candid pic which i love so much cuz its so fuckin epic LOL

this is my nephew Alif

meet erika my niece

this is azim also my nephew!

this is a picture of my brother in law with his son n my brother(wearing da red shirt) fixing their net. they caught a lot of fish that day and also a crab. congratz on ur hard work dudes!!

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