Monday, July 30, 2012

diy dip dye ombre (pink n purple)

i've been dying to dye my hair an ombre of pink n purple for a while now, but never got around to do so since i;ve been so busy.
i did had some time to spare last week n i decided to finally do it!
and this my first time dying my hair purple. i've done pink before, but purple, not yet.
i havent dyed my hair in crazy colors for a while now, i had dye it, but only in brown n black.
i like the ombre style dip dye cuz it looks cool.i dye my tips, and i had to dye my extensions too since i always wear the.
and im gonna show you guys how i dye the extensions.
this is what i used:
(i appologize for the crappy picture quality, i took these pictures with my iphone, i iphone have a crappy quallity hehe)
violet and fuchsia hair dye, 3 packets of bleach with 40vol. peroxide
this is my extensions
mix the bleach n peroxide in a bowl.
apply it to the extensions, leave it there for about 40mins for a drastic coppery result(if you had dyed your hair or extensions black before you probably need to bleach it twice to get a lighter result)
this is the shade i was aiming for!:D yea

now just apply the dye. i actually didnt use the dye with the 20vol peroxide that the store provided. cuz the instructions didnt say that i needed it and the first time i used this dye, and i mixed it with the peroxide, the color didnt stick to my hair. so i suggest to those who use this brand of dye to not use the peroxide hehe
this is the result! quick tip: if you want the dye to stay on your hair longer, make sure that when you wash it, do not wash it til the water runs clear. just wash it a little then dry it.
i am really im love with this color on my hair! i miss dying my hair like this!! i think next time i will dye my hair more often like i did before! so happy!


  1. can i know where did you get the purple hair dye?

    1. I bought i from a hair care store in bukit bintang. Its on the 3rd floor i think. Its just in frot of the escelator. :D

  2. hey, do u know where to find hair bleach?

    1. i bought it from bukit bintang.. refer the comment above:>