Sunday, July 15, 2012

bonding time with ma dad!!

i've been askin my dad for weeks now to teach me how to paint. i always wanted to try oil painting but my dad had been super busy, so i had to hold til he is free. he was today and i  begged him like crazy to teach me how to paint haha. he did eventually even though he didnt want to at first cuz he was tired.
im such a brat haha. we hadnt spend much time together like this since i went into University.
i miss spending time like this with him. and to spend it doint oil painting like this together is just awesome hehhe.

it was harder than i though it was! what i had visioned did not come across well through what i painted. ahha damn i hate to people who paint! im so jealous!!

hahah im not gonna upload the final product cuz its hidious! it will haunt your dreams if i did.. hehe
i will try harder next time around. i think i've came to like painting its really calming and making my mind think more creatively! tanx dad for today! i appreciate it so much! love ya!