Monday, June 18, 2012

from old to new!

hey there, i know i havent been updating my blog lately and its been a while since i touched my laptop cuz since i started my new semester i barely got time to even text or hang with my friends, what more to update my facebook or blog. but i will update more soon cuz i got tons of cool things to share hehe. today im gonna show  how i dip dye my denim shorts and jacket:>
so i got this shorts that i rarely use anymore since it got like really tough stains on it due to a little accident with Mcdonalds Milo drinks which is a bitch to wash off haha..
so i decided to dip dye it to make it look cool and so i could wear it again.

this is the stain i was talking about(it looks nastier in real life haha)
this jacket  got it for 15bucks at a bundle store. it is still in great condition and i love the cutting but since i already got a denim jacket at home i figure i could just make this one a little bit more interesting..
first of all i cut the sleeves( and leave like an inch of it)
i left at inch so that i could make rough edged on it to make it look more vintage n rock-ish ahah
i did it by running my scissors up and down the extra fabric.
ta-da! it will look like this!
and i did both sides
now im gonna stud it up using studs from an old studded belt that i dont use anymore
then comes the dying part! yeah!

the things that i used for this was:
-rubber gloves
-fabric dye(in this im using fabric dye from dylon)
-boiling water
-rubber bands

first thing that i did was, i tied up the bottom part of the shorts like this:
so that when i dye it, it will create a sort of tie dye effect..but im saving this for later now im gonna alter my jacket a bit before i dip dye it.

example of the dye i used for.
 -you need to wear cloves for this cuz you are gonna be dealing with hot water and dye that will stain and hard to wash if is hits you skin or shirt.
-then put some boiling water(as much as you like as long it will submerge your cloth evenly) into a bucket.(*the hotter the water the more vibrant the colour will be)
-put a cup or 1 1/2 cups of salt in it(not sure what its for)
-stir it till it all dissolve then add the fabric dye.
-dip your cloths and leave it there for 40-60mins.
-pull it out from the bucket and wash off excess water til the water becomes clear.
i am actually using two colours for this, i used 33kingfisher for the top part and 15windsor purple for the bottom!

 then just dry under the sun.

the result!!

 this is how it turns out!!!
 see the bottom part there? that is the effect thet the rubber band created
 this is the jacket

it really looks like something i just bought for hundreds of ringgits when fact it it only cost me approximately 10bucks from the dye to the studs and the jacket.
cool right heheh!
i will do dip dye more often!
and i also did a video tutorial for this i will upload it soon!