Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY: custome doc martens

i am so obsessed with the fahsion citizen DIY videos.. 
they are all useful n easy to do and one of the video they did was on DIY custom doc martens..

since i had a pair of old doc martens that i dont use cuz its not my style anymore, so i decided to try this out.

if you want to try this out too.
this is what you'll need:
spray paint(of any color), tape,some cloth or tissue to wipe of excess dirt or dust from you shoe(i use baby wipes cuz its moist so i could get the dirt of easily), and glitter(i know they used acrylic paint n stamps for this but acrylic paint is expensive and i dont wanna waste money on something i will only use once, n i couldnt find any cool stamps here so i use glitter)

first, wipe of excess dirt from your shoe

tape the area that you dont want spray with the paint

then just spray away!

while the paint is still wet i sprinkle some glitter on them!

n viola its done!!

here is the before and after look!
thank god they made that video! i love my shoe more than ever now! thanx fahsion citizen!

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