Monday, May 21, 2012

snap snap snap!

i had found myself a new passion. my new passion is for photography!
i just love how a camera could turn something that looks dull in real life and make it look spectacular in a pictures.
i love capturing the beauty that this world have to offer and show how much i appreciate everything in life and everything on this earth and universe that we live in! i am truly greatful of everything down to the soils on the earth's floor!
i am also now kinda obsessed with snapping pictures of random things for some reason.
if i think i looks pretty i will take out my camera and take a quick snap of it! ahha weirdo:P
yes every picture down here was taken by yours truely!
at- sagil gunung ledang

at-aeon melaka

my lyric book

at-umang-umang chalet

at-zoo melaka
at-the streets of melaka


  1. usually, they will prefer the line of the horizon straight...
    *just sharing what i know :P*

  2. ya i know but i just like it like that haha