Monday, May 14, 2012

outfit of the day: disco queen!

first of all i wanna state out that i've change the title for this segment in my blog from outfit of the week to outfit of the day, since i no longer update it every week-cuz i dont have time to, so i will update it anytime when im free:>

for today's outfit, im experimenting with colors.
about a few months ago, while i was digging through my sister's old stuff(which she left at my parents house since she got married) and i found this flower print leggings!
 it looked so fucking awesome! so i took it but i kept it in my closet for weeks cuz i didnt know how to wear it right, cuz something like this could easily look dorky n weird if it is not matched right.
it took me probably 2 weeks to finally come out with an idea on how to wear it, so this is how i wear it.

i couldnt snap a full body pic with shoes on cuz its rude to wear shoes in someone's house! this is not a western home!(this was taken in Wanie's room)
i wore this when i went to the Super Roller Rink in Dataran Pahlawan.. i just thought it was so appropriate to  wear it there cuz of the disco ambiance! hahah
to my surprise when i walked out of my room, my mom saw what i was wear and she was shocked to see that i was wearing her leggings form the 80's hahahaha
crazy rite! i got a time traveling pants, cuz it brought her a lot of memories and we talked about it all night.
but its ironic isnt it? i thought i never wanted to be like her n thought we are just the opposite of each other, but we have the same taste in style. embarassed!XD
thats all i guess..
 hope you guys are having an awesome and fashionable day!

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