Friday, May 25, 2012

cleaning Mappy!

for those who dont know, i call my car mappy!
usually if i want him clean i'll send him to the car wash but today i just feel like i need to spend some quality time with him. cuz since i'm on semester break i dont drive him as often as before, so i know he misses me so i took some time to spoil him with giving him a spa treatment ahah 
 to be honest im not the kind of person who would take great care of their car and wont even let anything scratch it or something, but i do love my car.
but my laziness often got the best of me and mappy always becomes a victim of my laziness. ahha poor thing
cuz when im lazy i tent to just throw all my stuff in my car like its a trash can haha..
so today i just want to clean it all up! 

i cleaned the insides first. i used this kind of foam to make the leather n stuff looks shiny and clean.
i had tons of fun with it cuz when i spray it all over it looks like its snowing in my car hahahaha
and there was tons of dirt in my car that make me feel ashamed to even call myself a girl ahaha..
cuz what kind of girl leaves her car piling with dust bunnies like this huh?
i really gotta work on my laziness hahah 
then did the outside.
its was so damn dirty that the water that i filled in a bucket to wet my sponge with turns grey haahha..
but now its sparkling clean n shiny right! im so dang proud of myself..
mappy! mommy ewant you to knowe that she loves u so much n will clean u more often k cuz you look gorgeous when you're clean ehhe.
next step is to polish it to make it look even more shiny but i'll do that next week cuz right now im a littlo broke hehe..we'll see how it looks like! 

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