Monday, April 16, 2012

tutti frutti baby!

last week i went out with wani n syaira and i took them to a tutti frutti store near our campus cuz i had never tried it before n people kept telling me how good it was and shit so i had to try it..
i picked a red velvet and chocolate flavored frozen yogurt with some chocolate chips n other toppings n some  strawberry syrup n butterscotch haha..
its not that good act, i prefer baskin robins i guess haha cuz its taste just so-so to me hahaha..but still it was awesome i guess but not amazing haha 

then while we were driving around town we saw a concert at MBMB and we stopped.. the bands n artist that was there are awesome ! wani n i wanted to like jumpe around n shout out loud cuz the music was crazy there but sadly we were in wrong kind of crowd..cuz there were tons of old people there n school kids who dont know how to have fun! haha cuz when we were trying to like respond to the entertainer when they asked us to shout their name like "who r we?" we shout "2.0" (its the name of the band) but we were the one shouting n everyone else just looks at us awkwardly hahaha so we left cuz they are such party poopper!!!
hahah i cant wait to go for MMU's music republic's gig!! im gonna have tons of fun in revenge of these people killing our fun hahha!!
and in case you wanna join me here is the flyer!
meet you there!! hehehe

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