Thursday, April 26, 2012

tutorial on how to have a custom ringtone on your iphone without using any app

this post will be useful for iphone users i hope:>
i recently bought and use and iphone.
before this i dont know how to have a custom ringtone.
so i thought iphone sucked!
and when i bought those ringtone app they only gave me tones options and if i wanna use songs i have to buy them from the app!
but a few days ago after hours of exploring the internet, i found out how to have personalized ringtone to my iphone.
i just feel the need to share this with people cuz i know how shitty it feels when people around you got awesome tones on their phone but you got some boring lame ass shit tones given by on the iphone..
and you dont need any app for this just follow these few simple steps.

1) connect your phone to your computer.
2) open itunes n choose the song you want as your ringtone.
3)right click and choose create AAC version.
4)then you will see that the song had been copied and place below the original file.
5)right click again n choose show is window explorer(it says this on my laptop but probably it will differ then anyone else).
6) rename the song to and change it to m4r format. as this will help the phone to read it as a ringtone.
7) double click on the song so it will play on your itunes.
8)choose tones and snyc.
9) lastly go to setting on you iphone and choose sounds n it will show under custom as shown in the picture below:(taken on my own phone)
done!:D i hope it helped:>

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