Friday, April 20, 2012

the sky gazer!

its been a hectic week this week. i barely have time to breathe cuz its midterm season and also the week for assignment due dates. i am all over the place trying to keep everything intact so that i wont lose my composure n also my mind hahaha
cuz i've been so busy that i dont have enough time to sleep, eat and shits like that..
im so glad that since today is the due date for most of my assignments that i got take a little breather n concentrate on my upcoming midterm exam next monday..
so since i didnt got class today and i just went to mmu to submit my assignment i got time to kill and i was bored so i decided to clear my mind at afamosa resort in Alor Gajah(which is close to my home). i love spending my time there cuz of the beautiful view and calming environment that got me closer to nature n everything when im stressed out i would go there and just lay on the the grass and gaze at the sky for hours. and this time i brought my ukulele along and that is how i got the inspiration to do my song with ukulele version ahaha..
 being there really made my day. cuz for weeks i feel like im suffocating in the craziness of my life now juggling between classes, my work, friends relationship n so many other thing but luckily i fall through n manage to keep myself together in all of the hecticness haha
and one of the things that made me happy this week is that i finally could afford to buy my own brand new guitar!
since i did the shoot and got the pay i decided to use it to buy myself a new guitar cuz i had been wanting to have a new one for years but never got around to do so cuz i aint got no money and i hate askin for my parents for things like this..
i bought my new guitar at Malacca's pusat muzik reco around melaka raya.
and i also bought a ukulele! i named her viola!
 isnt she pretty!

the guitar i bought was a morrison and at first i wanted just some plain colored guitar with a pickup, then the owner showed me this one cuz he saw me wearing blue shoes that day and seriously i fell in love with it straight away!
cuz it is the most awesome thing i had ever laid my eyes on! not only that it is in my favorite color and the size is just right for me.
and the thing that i like the most about it is that it has a glittery finish that make it more special than it already is but sadly you cant see it in the picture but in real life it is just so wonderful and i love it so much and i call her baby blue!!
what i love the most about baby blue is that she is unique and different n just perfect for me and she represents me well..
i love it so much!! awww!!!

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