Saturday, April 28, 2012

outfit of the week: casual day

good morning readers of The Inside Scoop! ya i know its been a long time since i updated my OOTW segment, i've been super busy since today i got sometime to spare here is this week's outfit!!
went to the zoo with my pals the other day, and i just wore something simple and casual like this but at the same time is still portraying who i am.. i am still the rocker chic that i always is but just now i added a lil hint of girly spirit to it:D
my own

this is basically almost as the same things that i wore that day!
these are my accessories! and the watch n the studded bangles on my right arm is my favorite i wore them alomst everyday! 
if you are wondering why i have a band-aid on my knee its cuz i scraped it=.= i fell while i was walking around the such a klutz!
and these are just some of the pictures i took:>
hope all of you are having a nice weekend! may you be blesses with wonderful things! have a nice day:D

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