Sunday, April 29, 2012

one full day of pure good clean fun!

 good morning dear beautiful readers! today im so excited to share with you guys about the amazing hang out day that i had with my pals Wanie and Syaira!
since Wanie is on her last semester here at MMU, i planned this whole day just to hang out with her and just have fun.. cuz im sure to miss you when you leave:<
so what i planned was, first we go to the zoo, then hit the bowling ally, then later watch a play at MMU of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, then go to the KTV karaoke, and lastly go swimming at our friend's   apartment pool!
it was hot as hell that day, that's why i wore this huge hat.. i got a very sensitive skin so i had to protect my skin so that i wont get massive sun burn or anything. 
 i never thought that going to the zoo as an adult could be this much fun! hahaha
and what go me to excited was that i got to finally see a real life zebra for the first time of my life!!
to people who know me personally they knew how much i adore zebra's n to see them in real life is just so amazing!
 i was actually pointing at the zebra at the distance in this picture up here but it was too far away to be seen..

next to the giraffe i look like such a midget! haha
then i clumsily fell n scraped my knee while walking along the path in the zoo.
and thanx wani for washing the wound:> you are so sweet aww:D
next we went to the bowling ally in Mahkota Parade!
i love this pic of syaira! she look like a little naughty kid messing around with the monitor haha!
argh im such a mess!=.= my face is so oily! ugly much!!:P
to be honest i sucked at not much of a sport person, im more of a musician i guess hahaha.. thats why i suck at playing sports like bowling, badminton n everything else haha
then we went to watch a play by MMU MILE drama club. they did a play by William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice!
here is the promo video of it:
i actually love watch plays and performing arts cuz i think it takes a lot of courage and talent to be up on stage and do a performance in front of a live audience to entertain them. kudos to the people who did the show it was amazing!
this is rhea my classmate! we met outside of the MMU main hall where the play was held.
it was a great show i can say, its worth every penny i've spend:>

lastly we went to the KTV. act we wanted the night to end with swimming all night in the pool of my friend's apartment, but sadly that night there were tons of guys there n we wouldnt even dare to come close to the pool area we just went back and sleep ahha.
hahah i look weird!

i actually had made a video about our little hang out.
i will upload it later on my youtube channel.
i'll let you guys know when it is up k:>
hope you guys are having an awesome day like i did!
have a nice day people:D

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