Monday, April 16, 2012

food review: Shihlin taiwan street snacks

lately i seem to always want to eat different things everyday.
cuz i think life is short and i dont wanna live my life in a rut like i was before,eat at the same place, order the same things, do the same things gets old so now i always want to try something new and since i eat new stuff everyday i just feel the need to do reviews hehehehe..
so for todays review i wanna talk about the rice box set by shihlin taiwan street snacks..
i was introduce to this stall by a friend of mine..
i didnt know what to order so i just ordered this rice box set..
the presentation was nice and appetizing..
it taste great too!!
okay the plus side of it is that, it taste awesome! the texture of the crispy chicken, tofu and sticky rice compliments each other and its a great combination..
but on the other hand, i think the rice is a little bit too sticky and it made me full before i could even finish..
but all and all it was good:>
try it:>

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