Wednesday, April 4, 2012

day out with the girls:>

after class yesterday me, wani n syaira went to have lunch at Windmill near our campus..
 we always just usually eat at the mamak stall or at our campus's cafe but today i decided to eat here cuz i wanna try something new..
 this is basically what they offer
 and i ordered sweet sour chicken and to be honest i didnt liked it..its tasteless and dull..
but in the picture it looks awesome right but it doesnt taste as good as it looks huhu indah khabar dari rupa hahaha
then we had banana split as desert n it amazing! it was the perfect banana split ever n the best thing about it is that they pour corn flakes on it so it will have a crunchy texture that was just crazy! kudos to who ever came up with that idea:>
n later that nite we wanna help wani blow some steam of cuz she had just done her mid term exam so we went to the ktv box near our campus n it was tons of fun!!!!!!

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