Sunday, April 15, 2012

awesome shoot!!

hey readers of the inside scoop! how r you doing today? today i wanna share with you guys some of my behind the scenes pics and my experience on 2nd shooting session with i-amtv sound check!
the shoot was on 14th april last week and i just got to post this now cuz i was too tired to post it on the exact day..
so basically it was almost the same as the last shoot, cuz we have to do 8 episode in one day and had 4 wardrobe changes for every 2 was a fun experience! cuz this is my 2nd time shooting the last one was my first and i think this time around i got a little bit better than the last one because my claustrophobia was getting in the way, cuz as you can see the set is in a small studio room so its kinda hard for me..but luckily this time my claustrophobia had lessen since i started studying again cuz i got use to being in large group of people again n shit cuz before this when i took my semester leave i mostly just stay at home doing nothing so my claustrophobia got worst but its getting better now n thank god.. cuz with that problem out of the way i got to give the shoot a better performance then last time n we wrap the shoot twice earlier than before..the shoot ended at 6 rather than last time it was at 10..hahaha..
here are some of the pictures of that day:>  

yes i am a fat ass i know:D

god im fat!! ahahh

i love this shot! IDK why though haha

damn i look fucking fat!!! argh!!!

this is the crew!

this is the hair that the makeup artist did for the 2nd look of the day n i love it so much and im plaing of doing my hair like this all the time!!!(btw this is vinki the manager)

and this is Charmaine the beautiful makeup artist! tanx for making me look pretty on  set Charmaine!!!! 

but i think i need to improve more on my skills i guess cuz i kept messing up my lines n shit("-.-) kudos to Chelsia Ng(the previous VJ) who did so well n did awesome scripts rather mine(mine is so cheesy that i laugh at myself for it hahaha) 
but to be honest i like playing music and being a musician rather than a VJ or an actress or smtg cuz i think music is my one true calling but i guess this is my stepping stone and we'll see where it will take me..
but i am grateful to god and to people like Genervie Kam who gave me this opportunity cuz it is one of the Best things that had ever happened in my life!! love u gen!!!! heheheh

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