Thursday, March 1, 2012

i-amtv shoot

yesterday i also went to my first job as a VJ for i-amtv..
if you wanna know how i got the job,go find the story on my older post..
so basically yesterday i had to shoot for 8 episode of the show straight..
since im from malacca and the set was in petaling jaya,i had to woke up at 5am just to get there at i didnt have much sleep and i didnt even eat breakfast cuz i was afraid that i would be late..
so when i got there, the first thing that i had to do after the fed me breakfast(i was starving at the time) was do my hair and make-up..
it was done by a professional make-up artist,which got me excited cuz i always do my make-up on my own and to have it done by a pro makes me feel small hehehe cuz i am an amateur at it haha
they also took all of my extensions of cuz the show is about indie music they dont me to look all girly so they did my hair like how i used to do it back when i was a "scene" girl huahuahua!!
but sadly it was a fail attempt and i look hideous i think but i kept my mouth shut cuz i dont wanna sound like a diva so i went with it..but i do love the way the make-up artist did my make-up!! i look different n age appropriate for the first time..cuz usually i look like a school girl hahaah..
this is the first look for the 1st and 3rd episode

this was the 2nd look for the 2nd and 4th episode..
i forgot to snap a pic of the 3rd look..but for that look i asked them to change my hair cuz it looks kinds creepy and makes my ugly face looks even more uglier and they actually agrees haha..
this is the set

the set
sorry i didnt took a pic of me while i was shooting cuz i abviously cant snap it myself and i dont have anyone to snap it for me so here's a pic of the set:>
but seriously i hate my body..i know i am fatter now and when they shot the scenes i look really huge on the screen!!:< i act cried cuz i hate the wat i look..but wat can i do..and with my bad hair day just made me more miserable that day..but i just put a smile on my face and give the best that i can..fake much ahahh
i think it effected my performance that day cuz i dont have the confidence to be in front of a camera when i look like shit..but thank god i did finish the job well i guess..idk

after we had done a few episode we ate pizza for dinner and after that i had to change my look again and do another 2-3 episode! tired!

this was the last look! seriously i love this one of all of the looks the did for me that day..
even though i feel ugly that day cuz of my fatness and all but i had fun cuz i am doing something that i love and had been wanting for years..i never thought that something like this could ever happen to a small town girl like was really surreal..!! i also got a year contract with the show that day and i am so happy cuz at least it aint a 1 time deal and i actually have a job now!! haha im so over the moon right now!!
thanks i-amtv crew for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime and making me feel at home cuz for the first time i feel like i belong cuz you guys are just as weird as i am hahaha..
and i also met another person who is claustrophobic like me for the first time in my life! hehe u make me feel like i human and im not alone:>

i basically got this job from doing silly youtube videos..and to kids out there whose a youtuber and people tell you that what you are doing is a waste of time, dont give a fuck to what they say,if i could get a job from it im sure other people could get something like this too or maybe even better..!
if you want something go and get it dont wait for it to come to you!
have a nice day everyone:>

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