Friday, March 23, 2012

Product review:coffee bean red velvet cake

Ever since i found out about the red velvet cake flavour on the show dc cupcakes it made me go crazy and i've beeb trying to find a store that sells it everywhere but failed. Til yesterday i found out that coffee bean sells so i went to one of their outlet in aeon melaka. Before i went there i looked it up on their website n it looked as scrumptious as hell, which make ne nore eager to find it b try it.
But when i got there n got to see it face2face its all that its cut out to be. The color was dull and looked like its been in the cooler for days but i didnt care cuz i've been wanting it for so long i couldn't just let it slide just cuz it looked different from the pictures. So i bought n tried it. To b honest it made me wanna barf cuz the texture is all weird n the cream cheese taste funky. I dint like it. I dont know weather it was just this outlet that sells it like this or every red velvet taste like this. Cuz uf it does they had just lost one fan. Haha.
After i had to force myself to eat the whole slice( cuz i dont wanna waste it), we went window shopping aroubd aeon n stumbled upon this cute little doll catchin mechine(idk wats it called haha) To those who wanna try their luck on these things i advise u not too cuz its a scam. Even if u catch the stuffed animal it will twist n turn til it droped and then when it happend u got frustrated cuz i though u almost got it then before u know it u had spended more money on it then the price of the stuffed animal they offered itself haha. Trust me its addicting haha. But we had tons of fun thought!!

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