Thursday, March 1, 2012

product review: face make-up remover pad

 i am the kind of person who cant get out of my front door without any make-up on..and i am always too lazy to go to the bathroom and wash my face after a day i've found and alternative to my problem with MISScO FACE MAKE-UP REMOVER PADS... you can get it at any local beauty store or you can aske me for one my mom sells these too.. what i love about it is that it cleans really well and even if it got into your eyes it wont it smells nice..
my face with heavy make-up
a pad of the remover

 i just wipe it all over my face
 it will come off ASAP thoroughly too..
 see the difference?
my ugliness shows:>
but if you feel uncomfortable or sticky you could just wash your face after using the pad..
i highly recommend you guys to use this pads if you are always on the go or just plain lazy like me:>
its quick n safe for your skin:>

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