Thursday, March 1, 2012

product review: contact lens

yesterday i bought another two lens..
one pair of:
barbie eye blue
official commercial picture
brown lolita nightwish
official commercial picture

in the two i like the barbie lens the most it really make my small eyes looks huge!
and if you follow my blog you probably know that i had bought a red color lolita nightwish lens before..i like it so much that i decided to buy another one in a different color..this one looks more natural i guess..cuz i naturally have light brown eyes so it blends well with the color of my eyes:>

semalam andi 2 beli lens baru..
 barbie eye blue dan lolita nightwish brown lens..
antara dua ni and paling suke barbie eyes tu,sb dier wat mate sepet andi ni nampak besar gler!
dan kalo korg folow blog andi korg meti tau yg sebelum ni andi pernah beli lens lolita nighwish warna merah andi suke sangat lens tu andi beli lg satu tp warne coklat lak..yg ni npk natural mate andi mmg dari lahir cm coklat cair, dan warna lens ni cam kene ah dgn mate andi xnpk pelik sgt:>

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