Sunday, March 25, 2012

outfit of the week: my back to school outfit

hey readers of The Inside Scoop! today imma update my OOTW segment which i havent been updating for so long n i apologize cuz i've been so busy cuz i had start studying again so u get the picture..
so today im gonna show u my back to school outfit which i wore for my first day of class of this semester..
here it is!
what cha think? ya i know its not like what i always wear..all dramatic,dark n over the top cloth, i'am going to my classes i dont need to be my dramatic self anymore(like i was when i first came to the school n it scared the shit out of people cuz i was so weird) i decide to tone down my style a bit n try new thing everyday so i wont be boring n always cool,cute n fresh haha
so this is basically ensemble!
Untitled #1

n for those who are asking, "dude why the hell are you wearing long sleeve knit shirt on malaysia's hot n sunny weather!".. i will answer, i wear it cuz it comfy and its surprisingly wont make me sweat probably cuz the fabric is not that thick..n furthermore it also keep me warm. cuz my class have air conditioning n its really cold inside n this shirt warms me up like a snuggie heheh

n this is the bag i use to class everyday..!

what i love the most about it is that i can style it in two a hand beg and also a back pack n i can store tons of shit in it! haha
what do u think??heheh

owh ya before i end this segment i would like to give you guys an extra outfit pic hehehe
i wore this on my second day of class!
it is so unlike me to wear anything but black..but this year i wanna break out from my comfort zone n try new things cuz i've always kept my self in a shell n its time for me to break free..
i hope u guys will expect me no matter how i dress:>
have a nice day!

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