Wednesday, March 14, 2012

new shoes!!!

went shopping with my mom a while ago n got these new shoes!!!

easy road

charles & keith


(dont know the brand)
i dont know why but suddenly i am obsessed with shoes n i now is officially a shoe collector!! hehe
and believe it or not i bought all of these shoes at 10bucks each!!! unbelievable rite? i got them at a reject store in rengit johor and i was lucky cuz every thing that i liked was all my size n still in great condition..n yes i dont believe in spending tons of money on brands cuz to me you know how to wear it rite even if you bought stuff from the pasar malam it will look like you bought them from ZARA haha..cuz if you dont even if you buy branded stuff that cost you your monthly allowance but it looks like you bought them at a flee market wats the point anyways rite??ahahahh
hu i love these shoes cant wait to wear them to class!!

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