Sunday, March 18, 2012

mani & padi!!

im act not the kind of girl who give much damn about her nails n shit but since i've bega working in the entertainment business i need too cuz appearance is important..that's why i've started to jog n stuff to keep my body fit n now i feel the need to take care of my nails too so at least they will look decent rather then ugly n chewed up hahah..
so i got a mani padi..which was surprisingly calming n relaxing..
haha this is my first time act n im sure this wont b my last...
i picked a very natural color which was close to pink n it looks just cute n nice:>
i cant stop staring at it cuz it looks so cute haha(angkat bakul sendiri)

they gave me a biz n membership card
also a RM10 voucher that i can use for my next sessionXD
this is the result

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