Tuesday, March 13, 2012


the other day when i watched friend zone on tv it made me smile..cuz i can relate to the stories they told cuz i was one in a situation like that which is the "FRIEND ZONE"...
do you know what friend zone mean? have you ever been in it? or are you still in it?
for those who dont know friend zone means:
(in my point of view(cuz i cant find it on wiki haha))
when you are being friends with someone you have feelings for but that person is oblivious to how you feel for them..and that person you like/love might or might not see you as just a friend or they too have feelings for you but they wont tell you cuz they dont want to ruin the friendship that the two of you had already build..
huih that was a long one haha...
watching that show really brings back a lot of memories some good and bad..
i was in that situation once but the story goes like this..
(bare with me cuz its a long story but ur not a "reader" do leave this page now haha)
one day i went to class as i would every weekdays at mmu with only the intention of studying..while i was walking the halls minding my own business, a boy pass by me and suddenly my whole world just stop! n i do mean it literally cuz when the boy(im gonna call him that from now cuz i wont mention names :>)walked pass me i feel like he was walking in slow motion like in movies,but everyone else was walking n mving like human would in real time..it was a surreal feeling that i almost cant believe that it happen and even though he was just walking like probably 15 steps pass me but it seems like it took hours just to take those steps hahaha funny aint it?
its a new feeling for me-love at first sight. cuz i have never had that before..n im not easilly attracted cuz i never like someone from based on appearance cuz i will only love/like someone when i know who they are n their personality..
and since then i cant get him on my mind..i even still remember what he was wearing that day till now haha

this song describe my experience just right!
since then i tried m best to find him on myspace(which was popular back then) n even facebook..i think i took 2 days just to look through every boy in mmu's page but i had no luck..
i gave up, but i didnt stop stalking him when i saw him around campus haha..
i even sneakily took his pic when his not looking..lol
n one weird thing is every time when i saw him this song will b playing on my phone(i didnt have an ipod or mp3 back then so i listen to songs with my phone)

it was weird but i love it haha
and one day he added me on myspace..i didnt know how but he did and he seldom comment me..i didnt want to comment him first cuz i dont wanna seem desperate and i dont like to chase guys cuz to me if meant to be it will come to me..so i just waited for him to start the conversation but he never did so i just stalk him hahaha..(i hate stalking people but he was an exception haha)
the stalking went on for 2 years i think...
then after a few semesters i think i have this feeling that if i dont talk to him i will never have the chance to even get to know him so i did..
and we became friends later on..
i hated being his friend but at the same time i didnt want to confess my feelings to him cuz i dont wanna b rejected or loose him as a friend...
the longer we became friends the more i like him cuz his everything i like in a guy..
but i still kept my feelings to myself..trust me it wasnt easy..haha
then on one faithful day we were walking together to my house and he stopped and told me that he likes me too n at the time i couldnt even speak i was numb cuz it was unbelievable cuz he was the kind of guy that could get any girl he want n im just a weird kid that people bully everyday n guys wont even look at me..even if they did it was because of my weirdness hahahahaha..
it was shocking but at the same time freeing cuz i could finally let my out what i've been keeping inside my heart for almost 2years! haha
i told him everything from A-Z
then we became a couple..
he was the best n worst i've ever had act..
cuz sometimes he makes me smile like no one could n sometimes he makes me cry like no one should..
(preview lyric for my new upcoming song haha)
we didnt last long though ut i wish we did cuz when we broke up i dint just loose a lover but also my best friend huhu..
to be honest i still have mutual feelings for him but  like i said if its meant to be it will come around rite..?:>
but for now i just wanna enjoy my life being single n free..
but watching that show really hit me hard huhuh
to those who is still in the friend zone,my advise just give it a try win or loose at least you know the outcome rather than being on the side lines...
even though i didnt have the balls to confess my feelings but i hope you guys would cuz the feeling i ad when i told hi everything feels good and its better then keeping it inside rite?:>
have a nice day:> n appreciate the ones you love while you still have them:> 

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