Thursday, March 1, 2012

extensions tutorial!

the bearded lady:>
 a few months ago someone asked me on my fan page on facebook to make a tutorial on how to wear hair extensions..its been a while so i forgot who she is but im just gonna do the tuto anyways..
i wear 5clips human hair extensions that i bought from my bestie Qiqi ..
the hair is in great condition and since its human hair it could be washed, dyed, curls and anything you want..
plus its thick too:>
but to those who wanna wear it and have thin and short hair i suggest you to buy another two or four other 2clips hair extensions pieces for the sides of you hair so it will look more balanced and equal..
so how my real hair looks like:
this is how my hair looks with n without the extensions.
this is how i apply it
 its simple, just separate/part you hair where you want the extensions to be and clip them on, let go of you hair and presto! you instantly have long and thick hair like Rapunzel! hahaha
this is how i look with hair extensions

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