Sunday, March 18, 2012


Last Wednesday while i was driving to school from my hdouse i was in a hurry that i didnt realize that i got a flat tire..n when i got on the highway i drove slow cuz i felt weird but i dint pay much attention to it cuz i thought it was fine but then a saga over takes me and signed to me that there was something wrong with my back tire n i pulled over n checked i was surprised to fined that my tire had burst n there were smoke goin up around it n i thank to who ever drove that saga car cuz if it wasnt for them i dont know what would happened to me..n luckily i wasnt 2 far away from home i called my brother to help ume out..
it was raining that day n i was even luckier that the class that i was supposed to go that morning was the time i felt like i was in this ps2 game called "raw danger"..about how to survive a flood disaster n the atmosphere there felt the same like in the game hahah
perh barai hahah

the pic above dont have anything 2 do with what happened that day but i took it cuz the scenery was beautiful i guess hehehe

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