Wednesday, March 21, 2012

baba nyonya! whoop whoop!

me n my frens waney wenr out last thursday to do our assignment on the culture of baba n nyonya.. which is easy cuz we live in the place where it all started..haha
so we had to take some pictures for our portfolio..
since it was hot outside i bought a huge hat to hide behind cuz i have such sensitive skin like a vampire..i cant be exposed to too much sun or i'll burn to death ahah..
n wearing it made us seem like a tourist haha..
and we got special treatments cuz of it..
people there thought we were from singapore haha and they actually helped us a lot with our assignment cuz they taught us n showed us a lot about the baba nyonya culture n stuff..
it was tons of fun haha

since it was hot outside so we decided to have some ice cream n we stumbled upon this cute little stall icily..
here you can pick 2 kinds of fruit that you can mix with a low fat ice cream to create you own flavor of ice cream..
waney picked raspberry i choose blackberry

this is the resultXD

i dont know weather we had mixed the wrong kind of fruit n it didnt work well or what but to be honest its not that good..i rather have baskin robbins than this hihihi

on the way back home there were jams all over!
i hate driving around Malacca when its holiday season cuz for sure the roads will be packed and you can see the devastation on my face while driving in traffic jam! argh!! 
it was raining n traffic jams all over mallaca

which also makes me sleepy haha (dont try tis at home..this was performed by a professional stunt driver haha)

but it was an awesome experiences cuz for the first time in our lives in MMU we never got the chance to do an assignment that requires ud to go out like this cuz mostly our assignment are just copy n past from google kind of stuff haha
it was tons of fun for sure!!  


  1. haha sgt comel pipi kembong haha

  2. haha itu tgh tension tu sb jem seyes time tu tgh benggang gler tu wat muke haha