Friday, February 10, 2012

what's in my makeup box!!

my new eye shadow palette
i bought this mac eye shadow palette yesterday..i love it so much cuz the colors are so bright n it stays on longer than any other eye shadows that i had ever used..its great n all but the one flaw that i face with it is that it doesnt have a sort of shine..cuz most of the eye shadows that i used before have this shine effect that make your eye pop n glow..but other than that i guess its okay..

you know i feel kinda in the mood for sharing today so im gonna show you guys what i have in my makeup bag..
these are some of my fake nails n nail art beads n sequins n stuff..

my brushes, mascara, eyeliners n ext..

my collection of false lashes n eye glitter..

my concealer, face foundations, loose powder n others..

n last but not least i have some nail polish, eye pigment colors n lipstick
so this is probably everything that i have in my bag..excuse the biscuit i ate it and left it there when i shot the picture above haha

have a nice day:> <3

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