Monday, February 13, 2012

outfit of the week: what i wore for the audition

to some of you who follows my post probably knows that a week ago i entered a local singing competition audition and some had asked me what i wore that day..its hard for me to explain what i wore in detail so i figure why not i just show you guys what i wore:>
if you're from melacca i am sure that you know where to get these shoes..its from a little store around one of the front corners of the middle stage in Dataran Pahlawan.. its the store with the vintage car in it..
 and i got this shorts/skirt in Hatern Square which is next to DP
 i pare it with this black shirt with
this black genuine leather bag
and this black fedora
the inspiration for my get up was inspired a little from Japanesse rock kind look n a bit like what Allison Harvard style cuz i adore her sense of style..
this is the overall look:

while i was snapping the pictures a dog passed by it scared the shit out of me n luckily it didnt chase or try to bite me ahhaha


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  2. nama saya ben . xii tu bukan nama saya . atoto

  3. Nasib baik anjing tuh lalu lalang je. Dye pun teringin nak masuk dalam gambo agaknya.

    1. tau xpe..aku cuak kot tkt je dier gigit tp nasib x..haha yela kot nk join sekaki hahaha