Sunday, February 26, 2012

a day at the beach!

yesterday, my family and I took a day off from our hectic schedules to just go to the beach and have a nice and relaxing day at my dad's chalet..
i love coming down here cuz its so peaceful and relaxing and when i swim in the water and see miles and miles of water up ahead its just so calming to me.. cuz i feel free and the wide open space give me a sense of openness cuz since i moved back in with my fam i dont go out much and the only thing i see are my four bedroom wall which sometimes could be a little over whelming cuz it imprisoned you in a way.. so to be out here and bask in the sun and not have a care in the world is owh so darling:>
my dad's cute little boat

a hermit crab shell that i found

the sign for our chalet

excuse my fugly face..i didnt do my makeup n no extensions haha

i ate the whole thing myself! god i'll get fat LOL

chilli crab! fuckiong delicious!


that's my nephew and niece

that's me shaking my ass in the water

i made a sand castle! proud much! LOL

this is my dad

i cant wait for the chalet to be done cuz i wanna move there ASAP..
if you wanna check out our chalet go to our blog umang-umang chalet..
have a nice day:>

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