Thursday, February 23, 2012


feeling like im on top of the world!
for people who follows my blog post you probably already know that about two or three weeks ago i participate in a singing competition called "Mentor" rite? last Wednesday the people from tv3 came to my house cuz they were asked by the producer of the show to do a profile video of my life story..i agreed to it and here are some of the photos of what happens behind the scenes.. 

fugly candid pic ahha

forever alone haha

for the video the asked me stuff about my past and what made me wanna enter the audition in the first first i was okay with it, but the more i tapped into my past, sharing it with people for the first time and to have it recorded and will be shown all over Malaysia, overwhelmed me a bit. cuz to be honest i never told anyone about what happened to me in school or in university cuz of my personality. how i was bullied, about people who talked crap about me, put me down and stuff like that. i balled my eyes out again like i did at the auditions. i was embarrassed, but then those two guys told me to be strong cuz maybe with my story will open the eyes of people who bullied me or anyone else that people like me have feelings too. so that after this, no one will be treated the way i was. so that other people will feel free to be who ever they want without being afraid of what people think, say or do and hope that other people wont be so judgmental about weird people like me before even knowing the person.
i hope that if i ever got to achieve my dreams that i will do my best to help other people like me, stop the hate and bullying once and for all or at least lessen it so that nobody else feels what i felt when i was growing up..
i will make a change in this world. you can bet that i will hehe:>
also, i  looked crappy when they shot the vid that day,i was crying to my makeup fades and i think i've gained a few weight lately and it clearly shows in the vid. i am really insecure about my look so im a bit  worried that people will say bad things about me cuz of my appearance. i hope if you guys watches the vid on tv, be nice k:>
have a nice day:>