Sunday, February 12, 2012

another amazing day:>

JSYK: sory for the absences of photos in this post i know i always have photos to share when i write my blog but this time i dont have any cuz the camera i used to take the pictures caught a virus so it automatically deleted it self so i have to deliver this story blanky..sorry:>

last Wednesday i got a massage on my facebook page at about 8 to call Genevieve (one of the judges from mentor) ASAP..i took out my phone from my pocket and immediately dialed the number on my screen and called her..
at first she asked if i would be free tomorrow,i said yes cuz i really have no plans tomorrow..i asked her why, she told me that she wanted me to come to her place and have an audition to be a VJ on a show call SoundCheck on i-amtv ..cuz they saw3 my Q&A video on my youtube channel and they think that i'll be perfect for the show..
i was so excited that i screamed at her through the phone and run around my house like a crazy person..
that night i couldn't even sleep cuz i was so excited..
so the next day,i went to her house..i feel like i was on teen cribs or smtg cuz her house is awesome!!! she got a pool table, amazing landscape n stuff...n she even have her own recording studio in her house where artists like Faizal Tahir,Mawi n Vince recorded their albums.. 
i feel like i was in a fairytale cuz i always wanted to see a real music studio n being in one seems sureal..
at first we just chatted n we talked about ourselves and the thing that i love the most about her is that she always have awesome advice to give to me just like what she said to at the audition..
then she told me to read a script and try to make up my own script and try to use it for my audition..
seriously, i was so nervous cuz i had never done anything like this,cuz the videos i made on youtube are just for fun nothing serious but this time i had to like deliver a point n act n stuff so it was pretty hard for me..
then she told me to do the audition n deliver the script, n i totally sucked..i chocked i stammered..i was a real amateur..
who knew that being a VJ is hard but they make it look so easy on tv..(kudos to VJs n actors everywhere!)..n it was harder when you have a camera rite on your face..
i had to retake a lot of the scene i had to do cuz i stammered a lot.. but the person who took the shot calmed me down a lot by saying things like things like that always happens dont worry just do your best n stuff like that so i just gather all my guts n do the best that i can...
after i was done they watched the whole thing again n said that for a first timer i was pretty okay cuz before this they had Vanessa Chong(vince sister) as their VJ and they said that she did worst than me n even needed a teleprompter to deliver her lines.. then they showed me all of the other VJs that they had for the show n i was feeling a little bit intimidated cuz they were all good n i sucked! 
i just hope that i get the gig.. at least im goin somewhere rather than to just sit at home doin nothing cuz since i took a semester leave i didnt much so i need something like this to fill my life with..god i wish i get this gig!!!amin:>
then after that Genevieve asked me weather i know how to write lyrics or not n i said ya sure n she asked to give some to her cuz the winner of twistiest binggit need a new song so she said let this be our own little project together if the VJ thing doesnt work out.. so rite now i am looking for inspirations to write the song..
Genevieve is really cool!! not only cuz she drive a mazda rx8 also cuz after that's done she sent me to my mom in damansara(cuz my mom couldn't the way to her house so she told her to sent me there), and on the way there we talked, and i told her about how i grew up people always discriminate me cuz i was different cuz i was living in a rural area n most people are narrow-minded so they dont understand my individuality n when i moved to Malacca to study in MMU i didnt have much friends cuz i was weird n people make fun of me n tease me n about having a hot sister made me have low self esteem n stuff like that..she told me that what happened in the past will make me a stronger person in the future n maybe what happen to me is what makes me more mature n stronger if i ever break into the music business cuz i had already went through it all n if i became a singer or smtg people are going to make gossip or what ever about me n she know that i can handle it cuzconfidence to thrive to achieve my dreams n it made me even more stronger than i was before..tanx so much Genevieve you are one of the most amazing person i have ever met in my whole life n i appreciate the opportunities that you gave me..i will try not to disappoint you :')
i just hope that i will get this job cuz i know it will open up more doors for me in the future..pray for me k:>
have a nice day everyone:>

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