Tuesday, December 13, 2011

topic of the day: law of nature

a few weeks ago i watched a re-run of the show Ugly Betty on tv, it was the episode where betty wished that she was born with perfect and beautiful teeth. then a fairy came and showed her how her life would be if she was born with perfect teeth. to those who watches the show i think you know that betty has a hot sister named hilda. so as the fairy was showing betty about how her life would turn out if she had perfect teeth she showed her-her sister and she wasnt hot as she was in her real life, so she asked the fairy how could this be,and the fairy said it is the law of nature,there can only be 1 hot sister in 1 family. it got me thinking, maybe there's a truth behind it, cuz the law even applies to celebrity sister. people say that:

lindsay is hotter than ali
hilary is hotter than haylie
Jessica is hotter than ashlee(i beg to differ cuz i think ashlee is hotter than jessica)
solange will never be as hot as beyonce
and so on.
but if its true i guess im the ugly one then:<
cuz i have a sister her name is iera

 and i think she is the "hotter" and the "better" sister.
cuz she pretty,got great body, always get the guys i like, guys treat her like a queen, guys would kill to be her bf even when they know she had other bf besides them, she's always nice and do as my parents told. me on the other hand is the one who have difficulties in getting guys, i am fat,short and chubby, and i was a rebel when i was a kid, that y my parents despise me .
what i hate the most is when people compare us,and they always say, how come ur ugly when ur sister is that hot, or something like that and i hate it when i try to make my move on a guy and she just waltz in front of me and steal him from me.
i guess that's why,growing up, i was so miserable, cuz i had low self esteem(how could i not be when i am constantly being compared to a perfect and goodie two shoe sister like that),it messed me up real bad. i was depressed and feeling like shit all the time(i guess that was also why i was a lil bit emo n dramatic when i was younger).watching that show and hearing her say those words really brings back a lot of dark memories that i thought i had erase from my mind, cuz i had left that part of my life in the past.ever since i turned 20 i turned over a new leave. if you guys saw changes in me lately, it is cuz i dont wanna be that sad,dramatic person anymore. i wanna be a new,independent,strong and smart women that wont let anyone bring her down. i changed my appearance,my attitude and my life but never forgetting who i really am inside so that i wont lose my true self in the process of evolving into a better person.
i think i am happier this was now than i was back then with being so negative and taking what people said too seriously. i learned not to taking anything too seriously, never regret anything, live a happier life and accepting myself from the inside and out.
but the question today, do you think that this law of nature about,there can only be 1 hot sister in 1 family? i dont know about you guys,but i think its true. but weather you think its true or not everyone is hot and beautiful to me.as lady gaga said "god makes no mistakes".
have a nice day everyone:>
beberapa minggu lepas andi ade tgk ulangan citer Ugly Betty kat tv, episod di mana dier teringin dilahirkan dengan gigi yang perfect & cantik.ade la pari-pari ni datang & cmne hidup dier kalo dier dilahirkan dengan gigi yang sempurna. kepada korg yang tgk citer ni andi ase korg meti tau yg betty akak yg hot name dier Hilda kn. jadi mase pari-pari tuh tgh tunjukkn kt betty tentang cmne hidup dier akan jadi kalo dier di lahirkn dgn gigi yang sempurna, pari-pari tu jumpe kn dier dgn akak dier & akak dier x se-hot diri dier dlm hidup sebenar betty. jadi dier pun tanya ah dgn pari-pari tuh cmne leh jd cmni lak, & pari-pari tu pun ckp ah ni  undang-undang alam semula jadi, dlm 1 keluarga blh ade 1 je akak@adik perempuan yg hot.andi punterfikir, mungkin ada kebenaran di sebaliknya, sb undang-undang ni kt kaloang celebrity pun ade. sb org slu gossip/ckp:
lindsay lg hot dari adk dier ali,
hilary lg hot dai haylie,
jessica lg cantik dari ashlee(tp andi ase x sb andi rase ashlee lg lawa dari jessica),
solange pulak xkan boleh jd se-hot akak dier beyonce,
dan kalo bende tu betol maknenye andi ni meti adek perempuan yg buruk.
sb andi ad akak name dier iera, dan andi ase dier akak yg lebey hot & lebey baik dari andi.
sb dier cantik, badan lawa, slu dpt laki yg andi suke, lelaki layan dier cm permaisuri, laki sangup watpe je untuk jadi bf dier walaupun dorg tau dier ade bf lain selain dorg, dier sentiasa baik & wat sume yg mak & ayah andi suh. andi lak susah je nak bdp bf, gmok, pendek & montel, & andi mase dulu2 nakal sikit so parent andi xbape suke andi.
apa yang andi bencibila orang bandingkan ktrg, & dorg slu kata, cmne aku blh hodoh sdgkn akak ko tu hot atau bende2 cmtu la dan andi x suke bile andi usha laki meti akak andi yg dapat.
agaknye sb tu la,andi agak emo skit mase dulu2, sb andi self esteem andi sgt rendah (mn x nye kalo hari2 kene banding dgn akak yg sempurna gitu sume org pun akan jd cm andi). andi tertekan dan rasa cm xgune setiap masa (agaknye sb tu jgk la andi ni emo n dramatic skit dulu hehe). tgk cite tu btol2 mengingatkn andi kt mase2 dulu yg andi igt andi da lame lupekn, sb andi rase andi da tingal kn sebahagian dari diri andi yg dulu.sejak andi da umur 20 ni andi da bnyk berubah untuk jd org bru. kalo korg npk perubahan kt diri andi akhir2 ni, itu adalah sb andi da xnk bersedih, dan dramatik lagi. andi nak jadi org baru, bebas, kuat dan pintar & wanita yang xkn biarkan sesiapa yjatuhkn dier. andi ubah penampilan, sikap dangaya  hidup andi tp dalam mase yg same tidak melupakn diri andi  yang sebenarnya di dalam,dalam proses bergerak maju ke arah menjadi seseorang yang lebih baik ni.
andi rase andi lebih bahagia dari andi yg dulu yg negatif dan amek apa yang orang kata terlalu serius. andi belajar untuk tidak mengambil apa-apa pun terlalu serius, tak menyesal apa-apa, hidup dgngembira dan menerima diri saya dari dalam dan keluar.
tetapi soalan hari ini, korg rase undang-undang alam, bahawa dlm 1 keluarga blh ade 1 je akak@adik perempuan yg hot? andi xtau la pendapat korg, tapi bg andi bende in betol. tp pe pun pendapat kotg bg andi korg sume lawa n hot!!.bak kate lady gaga "god makes no mistake".
harap korg happy selalu:>

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