Saturday, December 10, 2011

outfit of the week: mixing and matching!!

hey guys, first of all i apologize for not being able to update this segment in my blog on days that I've promised. i am super busy right now, i barely even touch my laptop, what more to update my blog. from now on i am not gonna promise that i will update it every Sunday but i will do updates at anytime that i can. okay?
so on to today's topic, my style today is about mixing and matching.
what i wore:
P.S:sorry i misspelled bandanna("-.-)
and if u want the shirt u can get it at (switch2tee)

i mix biker chick rock with a bit of femininity.
with the blazer,the shirt, and tied the bandanna like a bow,and wear those ankle boots for a touch of femininity.
cuz that is who i am i am rough but deep down inside im a just a girl who wanna have fun.
but if you don't like it,your lost then.
have a nice day everyone:>

hey sume, pertama andi nk mintak maaf sb x dapat mengemaskini segmen ini dalam blog andi pada hari yang andisaya janjikan. andi sibuk gler sekarang, andi laptop pun x, apatah lagi untuk mengemaskini blog andi. mulai sekarang andi xnk janji yg andi akan kemas kini setiap hari Ahad tetapi andi akan kemas kini bila-bila masayg andi boleh. okey?

okay, style harini lebih kepada campur dan padan.
and campurkn style ganas dgn kewanitaan.
dgn blazer,t-shirt tu dan kai bandanna tu cm bow dgn but tumit tinggi tu bg npk cm pompuan la skit an.
sb itu la diri andi yg sebenar,andi mmg kasar dan ganas kt luaran tp kt dalam ade taman bunga yg mekar dan mengharum tau ahahha(ayat geli-geli)
tp kalo korg xsuke xpe,andi x kisah.
pape pun harap korg gembire selalu:>


  1. andi, the second photo, i thought you sat on the cat then tgk balik photo first, ohh, i saw that fury's keychain. pheww.

  2. ish saye x sekejam itu hehe..herm now that u've mention it..ak-ah la npk cm dok ats kuching hehehe