Tuesday, December 27, 2011

celebrating 33 years of marriage

it was on 25th of December when we celebrated our parents 33rd anniversary..
i couldn't believe that they had been together this long..
cuz sometimes if i spend too much time with my bf i would get sick of seeing his face everyday and i dont know if we get married i would want to see his face every single day for the rest of my life..
but now i maybe want to. to see a relationship that last that long and still going on cuz of love gave me hope that maybe there is such a thing call love..i hope one day if i ever get married it will last as long as theirs or more:>
we didnt get them a cake,instead we bought them this:> sweet right?

my brother made dinner that night..!! i ate too much that night that i could even move the next morning..! happy anniversary mom and dad..hope you guys will be happy always:>


  1. mine just celebrated their 23rd anniversary on the 24th! :) say congrats to ur parents

  2. La dekat2je kn. Ok nati ckp kt ur parents i say congrats to them too k:>