Wednesday, November 16, 2011

topic of the day: true ghost story

a few days ago i was texting with my bestie qiqi bunny and we were talking about wigs,hair extensions and stuff and she said something about how people said that human hair extensions or wigs are made from hair that people stole from dead bodies and stuff and i think a lot of people told me the same thing too..maybe its true but think about it if it was true wont it be illegal??and surely the government would have stopped the manufacturing of this product if there was any truth to the story right??
so then she said about ghost of the dead people wanting their hair back and stuff..
i personally thinks that its bull**** cuz why would someone come back from the dead for their hair??seriously??? but even though i was skeptical about it,i suddenly remember about a story a close acquaintance of mine once told me,and it a true story...
it a story about her friend who was so obsessed with wigs..
she had ever type of wigs imaginable... from straight,to curly, some are black,and some are even also multicolored..
her obsession with wigs began when she was a teenager, her hair was damaged cuz her hair was weak and she styled and dyed it too much...
so one day she went to a wig store and bought some wigs as a solution to her bad hair days..
but one day when she was looking for a new on, she was strolling along the wig store then one wig caught her eye(idk how it looked cuz my friend didnt tell me the story in detailed but she said that it was very pretty),it was so beautiful that every time when she wears it she will get a lot of was 100% human hair wig...
she bought it and it became her favorite wig i all of the wigs she ever bought..
one of the reasons that made her loved that wig even more was that,she had a crushed on this guy for about a year, he never noticed her before but once she had that wig on he fell to his knees and went head over heels for her..
she kept all of her wigs on a special rack beside her bed..
one night,before she went to bed she brushed her favorite wig,and when she was done she put it back on the rack. then she laid on her bed to go to sleep,and as son as her head hits her pillow she heard something dropped,and when she looked down,she saw her favorite wig was laying on the floor...
she was puzzled cuz she could have sworn that she had kept it well and neatly on the rack..
she picked it up and put it back on the rack, she thought i must be the wind or something that had knocked it down from the rack..
then she went back to her bed again,and the second she pulled her sheets on, it fell again, and this time she saw it flew of from the rack like someone had picked it up and threw it in the air..
by that time the hair on the back of her neck was standing and she was shaking but she manage to keep a positive mind and gather all her guts and went to pick up the wig..
but her legs were shaking cuz she couldn't explain how the wig could have flew right across her room when no one even laid a finger on it..
as she got closer to the wig,her heart was beating faster and faster,once she got to the wig and picked it up she wouldn't dare to open her eyes..but she had to cuz it if not she couldn't see where she was going,and once she opened her eyes,the wig she was holding suddenly had a head,and it said to her in an angry voice "Give me back my hair!!!!"...

she screamed at the top of her lungs but nothing came out, and she fainted..
she woke up the next morning and she was so terrified that she burned all of her wigs, and she was hysterical for a week cuz she said the ghost she saw was so horrifying that she cant even look at her wigs anymore cuz if she did, the image of the ghost will appear and haunt her..
she was so terrified that even until now if she ever walked by a store window that had a doll with a wig on she will scream and shake in terror..

scary isnt it?? even though what happened to her was real but it didn't stopped me or scared me from using my fabulous hair extensions...cuz to me if you keep it positive and always have faith in god you'll be saved..well, i hope so("-.-)...


  1. hai andy.. yewp memang pon rambut palsu diambil dari orang mati pon... kadang2 rambut tu ada yang xsihat...macam yg mika dengar dari mane ntah, xingt perempuan nih guna hair extensions la.. tp rmbut tu mcm ada binatang kecil lebih kurang mcm kutu la.. dia mkn kulit kepala perempuan tu..last2 mmg xlwa la rambut die.. bg Mika, rambut andy cantek :) keep it real .. i love it .. n certa ats tu mmg mnkotkan :(

  2. Xksh la rmbut org mati ke pe...janji xssh kn andi sdh...nd pun gne xtensions la:)

  3. hehehe... ok la tu
    (^___^) btw, awk cute ..papay