Tuesday, November 29, 2011

product review and tips on how to get rid of whiteheads

most people think and say that i have great flawless skin,cuz in my pictures my skin looks like its made from porcelain but its actually not.. one of the biggest problem that i face with my skin is whiteheads..i hate them, cuz everytime when i wear makeup it just makes my skin looks like the surface of the moon..and it bothers me cuz i am a perfectionist i want everything to be perfect and when those whiteheads shows up on my face it just makes me so annoyed..
i've tried every product in the market but i think the best ones so far are:
24k gold yulan blackhead and whitehead mask
garnier new pure active
although they wont 100% get rid of my whitehead problem at least it lessens it to my satisfaction..
cuz before this i find it hard to remove my whitehead without the help of these products, i tried squeezing them out like 3-5 times a week,
but i eventually learned that picking or squeezing them is almost sure to leave a scar. You may not notice a scar at first, but the problem is that the whitehead will mostly likely come back. You’ll squeeze it or pick it again and do more damage. And eventually you can be left with a big, noticeable acne scar. That’s become you’re breaking the skin.  also risking infection. i went to do facials at the saloon, and lot more..but luckily with these product i wont have to try hard to get rid of them as i did before..
and to those who have similar problem as i do i have a tip for you guys to help you..
a lot of people say that if you want to get rid of those white or blackhead you have to use a deep pore exfoliant, like facial scrubs and such,and you have to find a scrub that is suitable for your skin or otherwise it you will have breakouts or redness.. but if you haven't found the right scrub for you i recommend you to put baking soda/bicarbonate soda into your facial cleanser as a scrub..
a friend of mine told me about it and i've been using it ever since..it will work wonders for you skin and you can control the amount of baking soda you want to put in you wash as you like..
how to do it? simply:
put some baking soda on your palm,squeeze some of your cleanser into it,mix them together and apply it to your skin.
but dont use too much baking soda into the mix,cuz baking soda is also used for cleaning or scrubbing floors so if you use too much it might irritate ur skin..
 other tips i have are to use:

Tomatoes, get two tomatoes from your kitchen. Place it in a bowl then crush the tomatoes until it form like a pasty texture. Apply that on your face like a moisturizing cream and leave it for an hour or two then rinse it off.
Water, it is tested that drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day makes you healthy, not only for your health but also for your skin. Water washes out all toxins and bad bacteria in your body. As a result your skin is healthy and glowing. So therefore you get rid of whiteheads and prevent you from having one.
Apples and honey, Apple is great for your skin it is rich with vitamins, eating apples can help you fight against viruses, what more if you put it in the face? Honey is known for its natural antiseptic and will help your skin be healthy and free from whiteheads. All you need to do is crush the apples until its texture is pasty then mix it with three tablespoon of honey. Apply it in the face for twenty minutes then wash it of with the use of warm water.
Oatmeal. Oatmeal can absorb excess oil in the skin so it won’t clog your pores resulting to whiteheads. Add water to your oatmeal until the texture is pasty. Apply it to your skin and leave it for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse it off with cold water.
steam your face over a bowl of very hot water. Then use a comedone remover (a comedone is a whitehead), which is similar to the tool a dermatologist uses to remove them. Once you remove whiteheads with this small tool, you clean your face again to remove remaining sebum. This still gives you the risk of a scar, and is kind of delicate work. I don’t have much patience, and while it’s a fast method, nothing is faster than prevention!
that is about all that i know..and i hope i've helped someone out with the tips that i gave..have a nice day and skin guys:>

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