Saturday, November 19, 2011

a day at the beach

(all of these picture was taken using 3.2megapixel camera phone, mind the low quality picture)
the project had already started, and it may be done around February next year
isnt it beautiful!:> AWWWW
isnt it pretty!!!
went to da beach with my family a few days ago cuz my dad just bought 2 acres of land near the beach to open our family's new business there.. we'll open a resort there and i will be the manager there.. cant wait for it to be ready for business.. and once the whole place is done,my whole family will move and live there so it'll be easier for us to manage the resort ourselves..
it was fun to get to hang out and spend some time with my family here at the beach... i got to lay out and gaze at the sun for hours, collect sea shells and swim.. i haven't got to do that ever since i went to MMU..
so it  was a very precious moment for me..i wish the constructions will get done soon so that we can move there as soon as possible... cuz if we live there everyday will be a holiday cuz we got to escape from the hustle and bustle of this town and live a more simpler way of life there and lay at the beach all day long to relax!! cant wait!!

nd pegi ke pantai dengan keluarga nd beberapa hari lps sb ayah nd bru beli 2 ekar tanah ka pantai tu untuk buka perniagaan baru keluarga kitorg kt sana .. kami akan buka resort kt sana dan nd akan jadi pengurus kt sana .. xsbo plak nk tungu tmpt tu sedia utuk buka perniagaan .. bile da siap, seluruh keluarga nd akan pindah dan tinggal kt sana supaya lg sng untuk kita menguruskan resort kitorg tu ..
bez gler dpt lepak dan luangkn mase dgn family kt pantai ni ... nd dpt lpk tgok awan berjam2, kutip cengkerang laut n berenang .. da lamo xdpt wat gitu sejak nd blaja kt MMU ..
jadi ini adalah mase yang sangat berharga bagi nd.. nd harap pembinaan tmpt tu akan siap cpt so kitrg blh pindah sane cpt ... sb kalo ktrg tinggal kt sana, tiap2 hari akan ase cm pg bercuti, ktorg pun xpyh la pening kepale dgn kesibukan hidup kt bando ni..dok kt sano hari2 dpt mandi laut bez nk mampus!!! ish xsabo den!!

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